Grange Grains

 Mendo Food Futures Gets Hip and Becomes Grange Grains

Grain Silos 240x320

Currently in the Grange Grainery:

Brown Rice

White Rice

Black Beans

Hard Winter Wheat

And Coming Soon: Chicken Scratch to

Benefit the Grange Youth Programs.

Brown, White Rices and Wheat Flours

are milled on site at the Grange.

When the Willits Little Lake Grange’s five silos

are full we can feed the entire zip code for about one month.

However; we need more consumers to keep them full

and the produce fresh.

Grange Grains can be purchased at the Farmer’s Market

and Mariposa in the bulk section.

Grange Grains are purchased as close to the

95490 zip code as possible.