Community Rights Ordinance Workshop

WELL is pleased to Co-Sponsor Paul Cienfuegos to speak about

Community Rights Ordinances


Do you ever wonder why it seems that we have no control over decisions that affect our quality of life in Mendocino County?

Come to a special 3 hour workshop with nationally recognized workshop leader and lecturer Paul Cienfuegos, and find out how Mendocino County can take back local control through Community Rights Ordinances. 150 communities in eight states have passed or are in the process of passing Community Rights Ordinances that ban harmful but legal corporate activities such as factory farms/CAFOs, water withdrawal for bottling, fracking, mining, planting GMOs, and more. These communities are both conservative and liberal, rural and urban, small and large. Join us for this inspiring and timely talk about how other communities have stood up and stripped corporations of their so-called constitutional "rights", while ensuring the right of people to govern themselves locally.

Paul provides a wealth of information, especially vital historic facts about corporations' rise to power that we were never taught. He works well with small groups and sees that every attendee participates. I highly recommend Paul's workshops to all folks interested in political change.

-Tom Wodetzki, ex-co-chair of the Mendocino Coast chapter of the Alliance for Democracy, California

 The event will be on Monday July the 1st in the Little Lake Grange,  291 School St. Willits, Ca. from 6pm to 9pm.
The event is sponsored in part by SOLLV and WELL as well as a number of local community activists.
 For more information please contact Peter Norris at 456-9968 or goto