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November, 2020
Dear WELL member,
2020 has been a wild, stressful year! We’ve had 10 months of Covid-19 shut-down and its economic and psychological impact; fires, smoke, evacuations and
power outages; drought; earthquakes; plus a momentous election year…not to mention the global climate crisis.
These huge, complex problems require many creative approaches. Obviously, major changes are needed at the national level. As individuals, we
can influence politics, reduce our carbon footprints, divest from the fossil fuel industry.
But we also need to be organized locally. The health and wellness of our Willits community are essential to a more sustainable future. WELL’s ongoing
work – for 16 years now – is to improve the health and economy of Willits, to make us more sustainable, including in emergencies and times of crisis.
Over the past years we’ve sponsored films, guest speakers and forums on the Climate Crisis; local food issues; energy, water and transportation alternatives;
health and wellness; emergency preparedness; and local entrepreneurship and investing. We continue to work and serve as a clearinghouse on all these issues.
We also build our spirits and community connections, with potlucks, dances, our colorful Paint the Town projects, sponsoring Emandal Chorale, and other creative activities. We’re hoping to resume many of these when we’re out of the pandemic.
In these tough times, we need to rise in positive actions. As Greta Thunberg says, only in action is there hope. With your support, WELL will
continue to act locally, with ripple effects within our community and beyond. Please take a moment now to renew your WELL membership. Your
donations, at whatever level you choose, are a critical investment in our community and ongoing localization efforts.
Thank you for your past and on-going support!
Madge Strong on behalf of the WELL Coordinating Committee