WELL Governing Documents

In the Spring and Summer of 2006 WELL created formal governing documents, including the Strategic Plan, the Membership Document, and the Governing Document. At the time, WELL was a project of the Renewable Energy Development Institute (REDI). Together these comprised our formal agreements on decision making. In December of 2006 WELL's formal relationship with REDI ended. A dormant 501c3, Earthmind, was reactivated and became WELL's Fiscal Sponsor. In the Spring and Summer of 2007 WELL and Earthmind worked toward fully merging into a single organization with a single governing body and governing documents, including the Restated Amended Articles, the Amended Bylaws, and Meeting Proceedures.

Currently effective documents are dated 10/22/07, the date they were adopted by the WELL Working Membership.

Amended Bylaws of Earthmind 10.22.07
Restated Amended Articles 10.22.07
Meeting Procedures 10.22.07